Dumpling Delights!

This week we welcomed new member Larry and what a week to join! Ms Monica Cai of the Chinese Department at DCB taught us all how to make dumplings. Under her leadership we found out about the cultural significance of dumplings, how to make the dough, and talked about the different fillings. Sadly, Nutella wasn’t an option so we settled for the more traditional pork and vegetable. After tidying up our mess we shared the dumplings together as friends, just as Chinese tradition dictates. So successful were we with our efforts that we took a large bowl of dumplings over to those involved in the DCB Cricket day. We hope they enjoyed them as much as we did!

Looking forward to seeing you after the break. We’re back on the 11th October. Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone!

IMG_1542 IMG_1543 IMG_1549 IMG_1551 IMG_1552

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