There’s a small amount of uniform that we ask that you provide for your child.

We follow many activity programmes from the British Scout Association – and all contribute towards an embroidered badge.  Badges get proudly displayed on the uniform as a record of their personal achievements.

Requirements are:

For Cubs, a polo shirt is also handy for outdoor activities in hot weather.  This will not have any badges sewn onto it.

All uniform can be purchased from The Official Scout Shop, as per links included above. They will deliver to Beijing addresses – at the time of writing we find that delivery takes about a week and shipping costs are typically less than GBP10.

After about 4 meetings, new Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are formally welcomed (“invested”) into the group. At this time, the group provides the “necker” (scarf), woggle and the first set of embroidered badges.



“It’s all about the badges!”

Badges on the uniform give us our identity as a Scout Group and record the children’s individual achievements.

1st Beijing Scout Group Identity

We wear our identity at the top of our RIGHT sleeve and our necker (see pictures below).

1st Beijing Scouts badges

We are part of the British Scout Association and our “District” is “British Scouting Overseas”. This badge goes on the RIGHT.

Within our District, our “Region” is “China”. The “British Scouting China” badge goes on the LEFT. This badge was designed by Caroline Shephard who is the Group Scout Leader of 1st Nanjing Scout Group. The badge is red and gold (the colours on the Chinese flag) and features a five-clawed Chinese dragon in the shape of an ‘S’ for ‘Scouts’.